Data are a primary concern for the Enterprise business. ​Data Safety​ requires flexible and secure technologies, like ​RAID, Snapshots, Cryptography​ and so on.

In Quadrata we are fully aware of how much data is essential, and we constantly research the best tools that guarantee ​Data High Availability (HA)​ to our customers.

So we have extended our knowledge operating with ​Enterprise Storage Box​ like HP P9500 and EMC VNX/VMAX, configuring and managing them in ​Storage Area Network (SAN)​ infrastructures.



Data Centralization​ is a crucial point to gain the full control over them.

With ​CEPH​ it’s possible to centralize every file storage connected to multiple servers in a unique Computer Cluster, allowing to fastly scale from Petabyte to Exabyte in a way that could not be possible with traditional kind of storage.
This kind of ​Distributed Storage​ is largely capable to tolerate any failures, being the data replicated over multiple points to avoid having a single point of failure.

We are ​InkTank Storage Partner​, the company that developed this amazing product, recently acquired by Red Hat Technologies​.

We proudly collaborate with ​Intelligent System Services (ISS)​ adopting thei hardware implementation based on CEPH: ​SuperCore Storage​.
SuperCore Storage provides its storage service to different platforms like VMWare, Citrix XenServer, KVM Virtual Machines, Microsoft Windows Server 2008/2012 through Fibre Channel Fabric Switches.