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OctoZab 0.2 alpha: control your server list!

Our brand new OctoZab project to manage multiple Zabbix servers has been recently updated.

In this version you’ll get a high demanded feature: the possibility to control which Zabbix servers are managed by OctoZab, along with custom credentials for each of them, directly from the frontend!

OctoZab Servers List

OctoZab servers list: add/modify/remove your servers

Moreover, as you can see from opening screenshot, layout aspect has been improved and revisited in order to give a more pleasant dashboard, and putting bases for features to come.

If you haven’t yet noticed, we’ve added a Docker container too, just to make easier for you to test and use the application.

As usual, you can check the source code at our GitHub repo.

Enjoy the update!

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Zabbix 2.5.0, prima release alpha di Zabbix 3.0

I ragazzi del di Zabbix sono orgogliosi si presentare il primo passo verso la nuova e ricca release 3.0.

Attenzione questa release NON E’ DA USARE IN PRODUZIONE ma solo per poter testare in anteprima le nuove funzionalita e per testare il loro corretto funzionamento.

Link a tutte le nuove caratteristiche : Zabbix 2.5.0 release

La nuova interfaccia Web di Zabbix


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